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Harvesting & Processing


The company is an integrated, fully traceable supply network which is environmentally responsible thanks to short production cycles and places a strong emphasis on natural processes. Solvent-free processes; no chemical transformation.

Agricultural production that is free of phytochemical inputs.

Shadian is one of its kind, which harvests its licorice from the Northern Afghanistan to bring you this bespoke wild quality and flavor. Afghan wild licorice is considered to be one of the best qualities in the world if not the best because of its particular climate and high plateaus with an average of 800 Meters.


Your Advantage to work with us

        • Working directly with an harvesting and collecting company in Afghanistan


          • Traceable products


          • No intermediary


          • Mono product factory


          • Development of new products under clients’ guidelines and specifications controlled by our own French engineer


         • Certified Afghan origin with no mixture with neighbor countries licorice root

          • Exclusive French forwarder for the delivery with a complete insurance door-to-door including inside Afghanistan.



Quality Insurance

Since 2007, in order to guarantee the plant’s traceability, the company has implemented a system where each harvester keeps a “harvest file” for each batch harvested.

 It states:

             • the dates on which the site was

             accessed and the harvest dates,

 • the plant batch references,

             • the variety, the volumes,

             • the zones harvested,

             • details regarding adverse weather



  • Selection of the region in relation with the client’s need (glycyrrhizin acid for example).
  • Defining the diameter and length which are different from one client to another
  • 2 steps of Hand selection before cutting


Quality Insurance or how we prevent mistakes :


             • Several quality checkpoints that

      start from harvesting regions till the

      factory, management of raw licorice root

            • Human management: qualified and

      experienced people in the right

      workstation, improvement of skills

            • Fit to purpose with regards to

       product specifications

           • Right first time: correction of the

       mistakes for a better quality and work


Shadian & Co

Shadian Afghanistan is a French Afghan company specialized in licorice roots since more than 10 years with a factory in Mazar e Sharif, Afghanistan and several harvest points along the Amou River. The company employs nearly 40 workers in low season and 100 workers in high season and has the advantage of selling directly to final clients across the world with no intermediary and keeping the added value in Afghanistan.

Over the past few years, Shadian has developed various products to match the international demand, and more particularly the peeled licorice which is done mechanically, which gives the advantage of offering those products to the international markets with a very low percentage of ochratoxine which is now regulated by the European Union (EU).

Afghan licorice is known as one of the best wild licorice in the world because of its particular climate, high plateaus, culminating at 800 meters and plus, which gives the licorice a unique flavor and a high percentage of Glycyrrhizin acid. The licorice root is proposed in the form of peeled licorice powder and sticks of all sizes.

 For the past years, Shadian has been working with important international companies in the licorice field creating a close collaboration and the opportunity to exchange information’s to develop new products with them. Therefore, she has a better knowledge of the international demand and more especially of Western companies which enables her to know how to work under their guidelines and to respect their specifications.




We believe that our success depends on our customers’ success and therefore we aim to establish a trusting partnership with customers with long-term goals that are common and that provide mutual measurable benefits.


Our aim is not only to provide our customers a very high quality product, delivered on time, and at reasonable price but also to collaborate with them to develop new technologies, reengineer our product and develop new ones suitable to their requirements.





Respect for communities and heavy involvement in local development.

Bring together ethnic diversity within a joint and participatory project.

Guarantee eco-friendly management.

Training in teaching environment-friendly agricultural practices.

Recognition of, respect for and valuation of people’s work

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The main purpose of using peeled licorice root is to increase the glycyrrhizic acid rate and to reduce the ochratoxine and remove the impurity in order to have pure licorice root.


Peeled licorice sticks contain less ‘Ochratoxine’, which now comes under European Union regulation. We can customize the Licorice peeling as per customer requirement.

The peeling can be done from 10% to 99% upon client’s request, After the drying step which is done naturally under the hot sunny days, the licorice is mechanically peeled, during this process we lose till 50% of the root which is transformed into dust.



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The main purpose of using peeled licorice root is to increase the glycyrrhizic acid rate and to reduce the ochratoxine and remove the impurity in order to have pure licorice root.


  • Industrial quality for beverages and tabacco industries
  • Natural
  • 50% peeled powder
  • 100% peeled powder



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The main difficulty consists of selecting the appropriate roots in order to match the need of the market which is mainly cutted sticks from 6 to 18 cm with a pre established diameter. The nature of the root which resembles a tree branch is difficult to work.

However, the company proposes to the market the desired diemensions :

  • 6 cm
  • 12 cm
  • 15 cm
  • 18 cm

With an error margin of 10% to 20 % depending of the dimension.





All crops come from northern Afghanistan.

Each harvest is codified and grouped by truck at the processing plant.

For all shipping, the company selects 40-foot containers in order to avoid any damage or loss


By ship to Europe: road transportation from the production site to Mersin, a Turkish harbour city, via Turkmenistan and Iran.


By ship to Asia: road transportation from the production site to the port of Karachi (Pakistan)


By air: transportation from the plant to Mazar-e Sharif Airport, by Turkish Airlines cargo to Istanbul (Turkey), then on to final destination.


Since 2007, shipping has been entrusted exclusively to the French company BBL Transport, which provides a door-to-door guarantee.





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Mazar-e Sharif Afghanistan





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